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AKJ Financial is able to offer All types of insurance that will be discussed briefly below.  The difference is we represent nearly every A rated or better company.  Mark and his team will truly shop multiple companies so you are assured the best plan based on age, health, and need.  AKJ offers ALL of the following .. Call to discuss!

Term Life - This is the number one type of insurance used... Is it right for you?  Lets talk and find out.  Term offers the lowest cost with the greatest payout that will cover your income, mortgage, education cost and more.  These plans are available in various time frames based on what you need, 10,15,20,30 year are the most common.  The challenge is to make sure you have flexibility as time passes and your needs eventually change.  Having access to almost every A rated company gives you the assurance that not only are you doing the right thing but you are getting the best company and price.

Universal Life - This type of insurance is probably the most common "permanent" life insurance offered.  Unfortunately it is mis-represented more often than not.  It is about impossible to fully explain details so if you are considering or you have a UL policy please call. Sadly I meet people all the time that think they have "whole life" when in reality they have a subjective UL.  Here is the short deal on these.  A true UL is known as a flexible premium plan.  The cost may change, and it almost always does, based on cost of insurance and stated interest rates.  As you get older, the cost of insurance or COI goes up.  When your premium is not enough to cover the COI it will pull from the cash value ... When the cash value goes to ZERO, your death benefit goes to ZERO - Not Good.  Unfortunately this happens when the person is well in the 60's, 70's or older - Very hard to fix or qualify for a new plan.  At AKJ we DO NOT offer this type of insurance unless the person truly wants it and we educate them the proper way so they understand how it works. 

Guarenteed Universal Life - This is what I offer as an alternative to the above UL.  Designed for people looking for a hybrid between Term and Whole life.  The difference with the GUL is that the price CAN NEVER GO UP and the benefit to your family WILL NEVER GO DOWN.  The policy may or may not have cash value depending on the companies returns but you will always have insurance.  This is key, If your cash value goes to Zero, you STILL have coverage, unlike the regular UL above.

Whole Life - Also known as traditional life, whole life is the safest type insurance you can own.  Like the GUL the premium will never go up, the benefit will never go down.  The difference is you also have a guaranteed CASH VALUE account.  This give several options that the above plans may not offer.  You can take out money as a loan, you can stop making payments and either have a reduced paid up policy or take the cash normally tax free to use as you wish.

Final Expense - Many companies offer this as a burial cost plan.  Most plans cap out between $25000 - $50000 coverage.  The advantage of these plans are there are normally no heavy underwriting, no blood, urine or EKG needed.  These plans are simplified issue meaning answer the heath questions and you are able to make sure you will not be a financial burden to your family when you die.  The other advantage is we can cover just about every health risk, diabetes, cancer, heart, over weight and many other issues.  More time than not AKJ WILL offer DAY ONE COVERAGE, Not a waiting period. 

Free Insurance - Yes, that is correct, free insurance.  We offer plans that allow for up to 30 years of term insurance.  If you were to die the full benefit is paid.  If you survive you get 100% back or you can have a paid-up policy.  This allows you to cover your Mtg, Income, Family and more with a low cost while knowing that all your money will come back.  Great option over regular term.

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