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AKJ Financial Group offers many Insurance Solutions...  See links above for the basics.  We represent just about every A rated company allowing us to "shop the market" for you, you are assured the lowest cost available everytime.  Please contact Mark for detailed options based on your families specific needs.

Insurance when used properly with an experienced advisor will offer financial advantages that no other financial tool can offer.  Sadly many people never take advantage of the tax, probate and estate laws because they deal with an agent that does not know these options are available or how to properly present them.  With our vast experience you and your family will have every benefit the law allows!

Partial List as Follows:

    Wealth Transfer - If you have money going to your family sitting in a CD, bank account or maybe under the mattress we can show you how to transfer this in a tax favored status.  When you transfer money the next generation will have to pay taxes.  Imagine increasing the money and transferring it TAX free.  Plus you still have access to the money in case of emergency or spending needs.  You will also now be in a tax deferred account, this means no more 1099 from interest earned, LESS annual taxes.

As an example, if you leave $200,000 to your children, taxes may be 35% or more, that means only $130,000 may go to your family. Plus it may be subject to probate, estate taxes, creditors and more.  In contrast we can show you how to increase your $200,000 by a factor based on age and health.  Assume we increase it to $300,000.  That money now transfers immediately without probate or estate delays TAX FREE.  Your children receive more, your hard earned money does what you want .. Creates a Bless

    Indexed Universal Life - This type of insurance offers some unique advantages.  You will have a death benefit but you can also "over fund" or over pay the base premium.  The extra money is credited with gains based on a specific index.  Normally the S&P 500 but could be Dow Jones, Gold, International Index or other options.  Once the plan credits the gains they are locked in.  It is possible to build the money and later take the money out in a tax favored status.  This is something we will go over as it is different based on age and health.  Many companies offer this type plan as a "Tax Free Retirement Plan"  It very well could be, we just need to see if this option is right for you and your goals.

    Long Term Care - As medical technology improves people are living longer but also are needing assisted living.  This cost may exceed 5000/mo.  How will you pay this?  We have plans available that will help with this cost plus these plans adjust for inflation making sure you are always protected.  We will shop multiple companies for the lowest cost available.  Another option is Free home or facility care cost,  yep, free.  There are guaranteed life time income annuities that will double your income if you need home or nursing home care.  No Premium ... No Underwriting!  Example;  $2500/month lifetime income will become $5000/month!

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